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Targeted Emails are an alternative to Mass Emails and they offer a way for universities to email students and contacts with relevant, timely, and useful information. The Targeted email tool offers basic building blocks and Handshake content to create consistent emails that drive clear actions from students and contacts.  

Basic Building Blocks

  • Text
  • Heading
  • Image
  • Button
  • Spacer/Divider

Handshake Content

  • Career Fair
  • Event
  • Job
  • Employer (coming soon)
  • Interview (coming soon)

To switch to the Targeted Email tool:

  1. Click Mass Emails 
  2. Click Enable at the top of the Targeted Emails banner
  3. Create a new Targeted Email!


To switch to the Mass Email tool:

  1. Click Use Mass Email at the top of the Targeted Email view Use_Mass_emails.png

Targeted Email Resources

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