Signing into Handshake as a student for the first time

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In order to log into Handshake initially as a student, you will need to set your Handshake password, following the steps below:

1. Visit your school's handshake website (, ex: Enter the email address you will be using for this account. If you have an active .edu email address, please try this email first.


2. If you have an account with the email you added, continue with setting your password. If you do not have an account with the email you added, skip to step 7. The next step in setting your password is to click the "Set your password" button.

3. You will see a message letting you know a password has been sent to your email address:


4. From that email, click the "Reset My Password" link (note: even if this is your first time setting your password you will still need to use the "Reset My Password" link):

5. Follow the link to set your password:

6. Use your new password to log into your account:

7. If you do not have an account with the email you entered (from step #2), you will need to sign up by clicking "I'm a student or Alumni".

8. On the next screen, you will be able to set up an account with a new password.  Click "Register a New Account" and fill out the necessary fields:

9.  If you aren't registering with a .edu email address, a career services staff member will need to approve your account before you gain access to Handshake.

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Busra Dost

Handshake application is not working. It asks me temporary password event though I already signed up. Please help

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    Liz Gehret

    Hi Busra!

    Please select the blue Get Help icon on the bottom right corner of this page to submit a ticket regarding this issue. One of our Support Specialists will help you get logged in to the app!

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