NEW: Targeted Email: Handshake Templates

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Handshake Targeted Email Templates are a way for you to send pre-designed emails from Targeted Emails. 

Review this article to see how to create a Targeted Email


Handshake is Now Available

  • Subject: Handshake Is Now Available
  • Content:
  • Recipients: unactivated students or new students each semester 



  • Will you be adding the ability to save templates for individual schools?
    • We are exploring this option but do not have plans to allow saving templates per school at this time. If you would like to see additional Handshake Templates added please let us know using our Product Feedback process.
    • As a workaround, we suggest creating a draft of the email you'd like to use in the future and leaving it as a draft. You can then copy content as needed from the draft. 


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