2019 Spring Activation Emails (to Unactivated Students)

Tawnya -

To help bring new students to Handshake, as well as help them understand the value of Handshake and begin engaging with our platform, we will be sending three job digest emails to unactivated students at a small group of schools who will opt into this campaign.

We will be sending 2 types of emails:

    • Jobs Digest
      • Part-time/On-Campus - For unactivated Freshmen and Sophomores
      • Full-time jobs and internships - For unactivated juniors and seniors


Who will receive these emails?

Only unactivated undergraduate students will receive these emails

When will the emails go out to my students?

We will be sending out three rounds of emails on the following dates: Tuesday, April 16th, Tuesday, April 23, and Tuesday, April 30th

How do I track my activation results during this email campaign period? 

To track your activation rate during this time period, you can view this link here.
If you are interested in receiving results from this specific activation campaign, please feel free to reach out to Erin O'Keefe at eokeefe@joinhandshake.com

What is the email content?

Please see email shots below:

Jobs Digest



Jobs Digest


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