About February Activation Emails (to Unactivated Students)

Tawnya -

To help bring new students to Handshake, as well as help them understand the value of Handshake and begin engaging with our platform, we will be sending a welcome email to all students within the selected cohort. 

We will be sending 2 types of emails:

    • Welcome email to all unactivated undergrad students in the cohort
    • Jobs Digest
      • Part-time/On-Campus to underclassmen
      • Full-time jobs to upperclassmen


Here are some examples of these messages: 

“Spring” Email - The spring emails will go out to groups of students on Thurs February 14 or Thurs Feb 28

(The image is a mock up for emails - content variations are outlined below)


Freshmen “Spring” Email

Hi {first name}!

Graduation might feel like a long way off, but it’s the perfect time to start getting some ideas about your next steps.


<Get started on Handshake>


Everyone else is just getting started, too! You don’t have to build your career alone.

Learn from your classmates. What are some common questions other first year students have?

See what your peers are up to. Where are juniors and seniors in your major interning this summer?

Discover careers you didn’t even know existed. Enter your interests and see what you find - you might be surprised!

It’s your time to explore.

<Log in Now>


Sophomore / Junior / “Spring” Email


Will look like the above mock but the content will be:


Hi {first name}!

Hitting your spring stride at {university name}? It’s the perfect time to start building out your profile on Handshake.

<Get Started>

Handshake will help you discover the best internship for you this summer.


  • Personalized job recommendations. Explore your curated feed of internships, jobs, and events based on your interests.
  • Employer reviews from your peers. Get the real scoop about what it’s like from other students who’ve interned there.
  • Question & answer forum. Find answers to all of your career-related questions from your peers across the country.

<Log in now>



Senior “Spring” Email

Will look like the above mock but the content will be:


Hi {first name}!

Spring is right around the corner. It’s a great time to build out your profile on Handshake to get discovered by employers.

<Get Started>

  • Explore your job suggestions. Get relevant and timely career recs based on your interests and skills
  • Let your career find you. Fill out your profile and get reached out to by employers looking for talent like you.
  • Learn from the community. Get insider tips from your classmates about thousands of roles and employers.

<Log in now>

Jobs Digest Emails - The spring emails will go out to groups of students on Tues February 19, Tues February 26 or Tues March 5th

Jobs Digest for Underclassmen



Jobs Digest for Upperclassmen


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