NEW: About: New Experiences Workflow (May 2019)

Jade Pathe -

We are excited to announce the new Experiences updates that will be released in May 2019! Below you will find the changes to Experiences and how you can start to use the new workflows.

Terminology Changes

  • Approver → Reviewer (a Reviewer can Approve or Evaluate an Experience (or both!)
  • Being approved → In progress
  • On going → Approved
  • Offset → “x business days to respond to a request”
  • Evaluations → Mid-Term Evaluation and Final Evaluation


Term Changes

  • Terms now require start and end dates, in order to setup automated evaluations you will need to update all of your active terms to include start and end dates

Evaluations Changes

  • Mid-term and Final evaluations can now be set in Experience Templates to reduce the manual time that you have to spend sending and tracking Evaluation submissions
  • Review which Experiences are missing Evaluations quickly from the Experiences list page


How do I switch to the new Experience workflow?

Note: only Handshake points of contact and heavy Experiences users will have the option to switch to the new view

  • Open the Experiences Preferences section of the School Settings
  • Click Switch to New Experiences
  • Select Update Now (Note: you will not be able to switch back to the old Experiences workflow once you make this change)


Because these updates must be turned on school-wide rather than user by user, we’ve added the ability to toggle the updates on to the accounts of top experiences users at your school.  Please consult with your team before activating the new features.  If you do not see the option to turn the features on, please reach out to Handshake's Support Team for more information.

Design Changes

Create Template


View Template details

View Experience list


View Experience details page


Reviewer Approval form



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