2019 Summer Activation Email Campaign!

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Please note! Only individuals who have the “Manage Feature Preferences” permission can opt into the 2019 Summer Activation Campaign. To learn more about this permission level, please refer to this help center article.

Throughout July and August, Handshake will be working with school teams to send an activation email campaign to unactivated students, encouraging them to sign into Handshake! Please see below for information on this campaign!

To opt in, please be sure to navigate to your feature preferences tab to indicate whether your institution would like to participateAnyone opting into the August campaign after July 23rd will not receive a heads up email.  Please review this article for full details of the campaign.

Details and FAQ's:

  • Participating schools can view their unique logins through this report and view the impact of emails that went out in July and August! Schools should see a spike during the weeks of July 22 and August 19th when activation emails were sent out. 

  • You can opt in at any time for these emails or opt out at any time through the feature preferences tab if the timing or content ever does not work for your team

  • SCHOOLS IN IMPLEMENTATION: Emails will not be going to students if your school is hidden in Handshake (meaning if you have not yet invited employers.) If your school is unhidden and if you have student accounts uploaded, these emails will go to unactivated students. Please keep this in mind with any other outreach marketing you have planned.

  • Emails will only go to unactivated, undergraduate students at your institution

  • No more than 2 emails per month will be sent to unactivated students for this campaign.  We provide a three day range for each round in the timeline below since we will be sending these emails to 1 million+ students. With that, our email system needs three days to get all of the emails out!

  • We will notify members on your team who have “Manage Feature Preferences” roles 2 weeks prior to emails rounds going out to share the content and the target send date

  • At this time, school teams are not able to adjust content or recipient group for students

  • As the July activation emails are driven by job recommendations based on major, students with no major or an undeclared major, will not receive an activation email in July. 

 Results from July Activation:

  • Students who received our activation emails were 4.8x more likely to activate. (.56% for control vs. 2.67% for activation email.)

  • With the first round of emails, Freshmen are now the class year that was most likely to activate.

  • The email content that resonated with most students were specific job role recommendations.

Subject: A lot of {major name} students want to be {job role name}... do you?

From name: Targeted Email Preferences (school settings)



July / August Timeline:

  • Testing Round! July 9th - We will conduct a preliminary campaign to just 10% of unactivated undergraduate students at participating institutions using the three email design options outlined above. The results on this testing round will help us determine which designs to use for unactivated students later in the month.

  • Round 1 Campaign! July 16th-18th -  One of the email designs will be sent to remaining unactivated undergraduate students.  We will still reserve a small percentage of “control” group students to determine how effective these emails are over all.

  • Round 2 Campaign! July 23rd - 25th - One of the email designs will again be sent to remaining unactivated undergraduate students. 

  • *NEW* August Campaign Test Round: August 12th - 
    • We will conduct a preliminary campaign to less than 5% of your unactivated undergraduate with undeclared major students to test two subject lines. The results from this testing round will help us determine which subject line works best for the main campaign.
      • Undeclared major students: 
        • Test 1: Subject =  {preferred name}, see the trending careers for {school} students.
        • Test 2: Subject = {preferred name}, {school} students are searching for these careers.
      • Students opening the email on mobile:
        • We will also use this test email to determine which option is best for routing students to Handshake via mobile: the app store or the Handshake site itself.
  • *NEW* August Campaign: August 13-15 - We'll be sending a job role email to your remaining unactivated undergraduate students, but we'll feature a different role from the July campaign.  In July, we also excluded any student with an undeclared major from our campaigns.  These students will be included in the August campaign with job role content curated based on interests of similar undeclared students in Handshake.  We will still reserve a small percentage of “control” group students to determine how effective these emails are over all.




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