2019 Summer Activation Email Campaign!

Erin O'Keefe -

Please note! Only individuals who have the “Manage Feature Preferences” permission can opt into the 2019 Summer Activation Campaign. To learn more about this permission level, please refer to this help center article.

Throughout July and August, Handshake will be working with school teams to send an activation email campaign to unactivated students, encouraging them to sign into Handshake! Please see below for information on this campaign!

To opt in, please be sure to navigate to your feature preferences tab to indicate whether your institution would like to opt into this campaign.


  • Emails will only go to unactivated, undergraduate students at your institution

  • No more than 2 emails per month will be sent to unactivated students
  • We will notify members on your team who have “Manage Feature Preferences” roles 2 weeks prior to each email going out to share the content and the target send date

  • You can opt out of any of the individual emails if the timing or content does not work for your team

  • 67 schools participated in activation campaigns this winter and spring and saw 2-3x activation rate increase versus students who did not receive the campaign emails!


Example Email (Job Digest) below:
Designs will vary for each campaign round. Handshake will share updated designs prior to each round to staff members who have the "Manage Feature Preferences" role


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