Handshake Open: Job Postings

Tawnya -

As Handshake anticipates opening up access to all students with a .edu email address, we've built an update to the job form that will allow certain employers to opt into posting jobs to students from non-partner institutions in addition to partner institutions. 

A few details about the update...

  • Only employers that are vetted by Handshake will be able to post their jobs to students at Handshake Open schools.  All employers will see the option to post to students in the Handshake Open Network in case they eventually meet our requirements, but their job postings will not become visible to Handshake Open Network students until they do.  These rules only apply to Handshake Open Network students - your process for reviewing employers and jobs will remain exactly the same.
  • Employers will only see the option to post to Handshake Open Network students if they've chosen to target all partner schools they're connected to.  If they are targeting their posting to a subset of schools they're connected to, they will not see the option.

While this update is being rolled out now, it will not be functional until later this summer.  For the time being, it will be used to gauge employer interest in posting jobs this widely.

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