How to Import Career Clusters

Tawnya -

We are excited to announce that you can now import Career Clusters! 


  1. Ensure you have access to the Importer

High Level Workflow:

    1. Format your CSV file according to the specifications below
    2. Upload to the Importer with the file-type "Custom Job Interests"
    3. Review after the automatic analysis completes
    4. Choose the button to Submit and Request Run

Example File:


.CSV Formatting

Required Fields:

Notes: Field options in italics are case sensitive and must match exactly although headers can be added in any order

  • identifier
    • This cannot be the username (unless the username is the email address)
    • This is the student's email address
    • If the account (email address) is not in Handshake, the row will be skipped
  • identifiable_type 
    • User
  • user_type 
    • Students
  • name
    • Name of the Career Interest to assign.


Important notes:

  • Name - only accepts a single value at this time. To add multiple interests to the same user, multiple rows are necessary in the csv.
  • Name - if the name provided does not exist as a current career interest option, it will be created for the school.
  • If the user is already assigned to a career interest, it will pass through as successful.
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