Importer FAQs: Errors Related to Manually Created Student Accounts

Liz Gehret -

In your first student upload (or any student upload where you are importing new student accounts into the platform) you may come across the following error messages:

Last Response Content {"success":false,"errors":{"Attempted to update username from to student567"}}
Last Response Content {"success":false,"errors":{"Attempted to update auth_identifier from blank to student567"}}

If these errors are associated with students that you have never uploaded into your system, this is most likely caused by students who have manually created accounts prior to being included in your upload file. You may not be able to view these students in your system if they haven't been connected to an institution in Handshake yet (i.e. their institution is NULL).

To resolve these failed rows, you'll need to resubmit their records in a new student upload file with sensitive fields enabled on the associated Importer job (more information on updating sensitive fields on student records can be found here).

The reason that sensitive fields must be enabled for this upload is because you will be updating the student's username and auth_identifier fields. When a student manually creates their own account, the username field auto-populates to the student's email_address value (this is done automatically - the student does not have access to view/modify this field), and the auth_identifier field is left blank. Once your upload file has been submitted/processed, this student's information will be successfully updated and they will be connected with your institution, if they aren't already.

If you have any questions on how to resubmit these failed rows, please contact our Support Team.


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