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Career Services Product Announcement - March 8th, 2018



  • Greg Head

    Hi Jade,

    Thanks for the fix on the student filters updates link. The new features look good.


  • Sarah Sultzer

    I'm wondering a little more about the student filter update.  When I login as a student, I don't see "Candidate Preferences" as referenced in the article screenshot, but I see "Employer Preferences".  

    It seems logical that students can match Employer Preferences and perhaps Candidate Preferences are used in the employer view instead?  Or perhaps I have it all wrong or am looking in the wrong spot.  Can you please clarify? 



  • Claira

    Hi Sarah! Thank you for your feedback and questions on this! I recommend checking out this thread on Student Job Filters that Katie responded to add a bit more clarity and transparency behind the motivations for this update. This should help explain the updates a bit more in depth for you. 


    Thank you!


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