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Product Announcement: Student Job Search Filters



  • Jenn Ryan-Jauregui

    Hi Brit,

    Is Handshake going to be adding the filter for jobs that are 'Work Authorization Optional' back into the Student product?  This filter is used quite a bit by our International students, and our Masters in Management Information Systems students in particular. Adding this filter back in would be helpful to both international students and to employers. Students would only be applying to positions where there is OPT/CPT sponsorship available, and Employers would hopefully field/manage less applications from candidates who do not meet their work authorization preferences. 

  • David Slotnick

    I second Jenn's request! For any school using Handshake that has even a small international population, this filter is critical, as is one specifying OPT/CPT eligibility. Since employers are inputting this info when submitting jobs, it's certainly a low-hanging fruit to add it to the student search filters.

    Furthermore, we've advocated this before, but it would be nice to tweak the language, as well, since it's incredibly confusing. "Work Authorization Optional" is a check-box asking students to confirm a negative. Essentially, the box says "Yes, I only want to see jobs where authorization is NOT required." The default, where the filter is not checked, logically implies that all the jobs then appearing are where work authorization is not optional (and thus required). I don't think this is the intent.

    This is needlessly confusing for English-speakers, let along international students for whom English is likely not their native language. Again, this is a low-hanging fruit in terms of just changing the text of the prompt.




    David Slotnick | Senior Associate Director, Research & Technology | Columbia University Center for Career Education | T 212 851 0299 | F 212 854 1539 |

  • Brit

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to respond to Jenn and David's posts!

    • We made an update to student job search a few months ago that now allows students to opt into filtering by a variety of fields on their accounts.  One of those fields is work authorization status.  If you are authorized to work in the US, you can filter for opportunities where work authorization is required.  If you are not authorized to work in the US, you can filter for opportunities where work authorization is not required.  Check out the screenshot below - this new filter should hopefully make more clear what you're going to get in your search results...

    • An OPT/CPT filter is good product feedback - I would submit a ticket voicing your Support.  I'll let our Student Product Team know too!


  • Jenn Ryan-Jauregui

    Thanks for this suggestion Brit, and for considering adding the OPT/CPT eligible filters back in. I did some more sleuthing and testing on my own from the student side, and I discovered that students with the following Work Authorization Statuses still do have the Work Authorization Optional Filter available in the advanced filters:

    Employment (H-1) Visa

    J-1 Visa (Exchange Program)

    Student (F-1) Visa

    Work Card

    Students with other Work Authorization statuses, including US Citizen and Permanent resident would not have the filter, which makes total sense. 



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