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New Resource Section Feedback



  • I agree. We use the resources feature and would be able to use the tool much more if we could organize the articles. For example, being able to send students a link to the folder for the Finance Career Path resources. Thanks!

  • William Jones

    Good thought, Lisa.  Or even folders for certain presentations that we can direct the audience to in order to access material that we cover.  Could help get more people to activate accounts. 

    Also, being able to reorder the folders and items.  As of now, the order is based on creation date not even alpha order.

  • Linda Peacock-Landrum

    Totally agree with folders!  We used folders in the past and it was helpful.  For all those that want folders here - remember to submit a ticket to get your voice heard.

  • Katherine Collins

    Hi all,

    I like the former set up, we were able to have large thumbnails with enticing images - now it feels pretty text heavy.


  • Grace Kutney

    I think a folder system would be very helpful. For now, I'm leaning toward creating a fake foldering system where a single article would include links to "sub-articles" as a way to sort them.

    Additionally, I think it would be very helpful if the resources library allowed us to use labels for filter and search, not just for permissions. Right now, using labels on articles only limits who can see the article, but doesn't allow any simple way to find all other articles with the same label. 

  • Julia Overton-Healy

    PLEASE handshake!  We want folders as a way to organize our resources content. A long (long, long, long) list of 'titles' is not appealing to students when they simply want to get to a 'category' of information (say: tools for company research, or resume/cover letter help, or exploring career guides).  I want to drive all my students into Handshake as THE place to go for all things career related, but being unable to create folders to organize content is forcing me to use Google Drive, and this means students have to remember where to go... and they don't and then they get annoyed.


    come us out!

  • Laura Lynch

    Hi Everyone!

    We really appreciate your feedback, but in order for our product team to successfully track and review it in aggregate, it needs to be submitted via a support ticket — further instructions on how to do to that can be found here. 

    Thank you so much for helping us track these items for feedback! :) 

  • William Jones

    Might I recommend that everyone take a moment to submit a ticket about this per Laura's instruction?  This is something that we really would like to see at Rutgers.

  • Charlene Kile

    I just submitted a ticket. Here is what I submitted:

    We would like to see the following features added to the Resources section!
    1) Folder structure - a way of sorting articles into different folders and being able to rename folders to whatever we want.
    2) Capability of sending students a link to a specific folder
    3) Ability to add labels to articles - making for a much easier way of finding certain ones.

  • William Jones

    That's great, Charlene.  And very concise!  I replied to a previous ticket I submitted last fall about this and asked for an update.  I'm also going to open a new ticket and use your exact language since what you recommend will provide enough flexibility for it to work for any school.

  • Tara Moughan

    I just submitted a ticket.  I copied Charlene's language.  

  • Yvonne Gonzalez

    Just submitted a ticket. Copied Charlene's language.


  • Lora Ferguson

    Thanks Charlene.  I submitted a ticket with your language as well.


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