Handshake Support Ticket Urgency and Classification

Tawnya -

To ensure we’re able to best serve every organization on Handshake, the Handshake Support team uses the framework below to ensure we prioritize and resolve issues quickly and effectively.


  • Critical issue affecting all users.
  • Handshake platform is not accessible or there are data integrity issues with no workaround available.
  • Examples: no career services staff, students, or employers can access Handshake. You have an event and the kiosk isn’t working. You have an Employer on campus for interviews but they can’t access applicants. All of our job postings or interview schedules are gone.


  • Handshake issue or bug is persistent affecting major functionality and some, but not all users.
  • Major Handshake functionality is impacted or there are significant reliability issues.
  • No reasonable workaround available.
  • Examples: We’re hearing that many students can’t sign up for interviews. We’re hearing that several employers can’t register for our event or career fair.


  • Handshake issue or bug affecting a small amount of  users.
  • Short-term workaround is available, but cannot be scaled.
  • Inquiry regarding a routine technical issue or Handshake features, use, or configuration
  • Examples: how do I set up a room only Interview Schedule? How do I send a mass email? How can we setup on campus employment?
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