Why Handshake Offers Email Support Only

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Why our support is email based: 

If you've reached out to our support team in the past, or searched our website or help center for a phone number, you've probably been told or realized that Handshake doesn't offer a phone support line for employers or students at this time. We'd love to offer you an explanation as to why we don't offer this currently (hint: it's not to make your life harder, we promise!)

  1. Scaling: Handshake is an up-and-coming tech company that is scaling at rapid pace! To ensure we deliver the best and fastest support to each user's request, we utilize email support. This allows us to make sure each user's issue is prioritized by our support team and keeps the platform free of cost to you.

  2. Information Gathering: Because of our current online support system, we are able to quickly gather information we need from you (such as your email address) before we begin researching your concern. More time saved on our end = quicker, more accurate responses to your inquiries and concerns.

  3. Documentation: Email support allows us to send you documentation that you can reference over and over again. It allows us to link to our Help Center resources, and to easily prioritize new content for creation based on your issue or question!

  4.  Cost: We are able to offer unlimited email support to our users and still keep our product free of cost to employers and students. While we may not offer phone support, we are eager to tackle all of your questions via email!

If you are still dying to hear our voices...

Join us biweekly for live employer office hours, our more in-depth training webinars, or view recordings of webinars past. You can sign up and find all the details here: 


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