How to View/Edit a Career Fair Registration

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If you have a registered for a career fair, you can go back and View or Edit a career fair registration.

  • Important Note: If the Registration Period has closed, you will no longer be able to make edits. Please contact the Career Fair's Point of Contact for assistance. Their information can be found on the Details page of the Career Fair. 

How to View and Edit Your Career Fair Registration: 

Follow steps here to learn how to search for your Fair Registration in Handshake: How to Search for a Career Fair

  • Click on Fairs in the left hand navigation bar.

  • From this page, check the box next to Show Registered Only. This will bring up all fairs for which you have pending or approved registrations that have not yet happened yet.

  • Click directly on the name of the career fair you would like to view 

  • This will take you directly to the selected Career Fair's Details page. On this page, click on the green Registered button towards the right of the page and then click View Registration. 

  • Here you will be taken to an overview of your registration for this Career Fair. This page includes all information you submitted when you originally registered, as well as Payment History, Payment Status, and Invoices. 


How to Edit Your Registration

  • From this page, click on the Edit tab located toward the right corner of the page
    • Note: If you are missing this tab, that means the registration period has since closed and no edits can be made. Please reach out directly to the Career Fair's Point of Contact if you need to make any changes at this point. 

  • On the next screen, you can edit the following fields:

    • Names of Representatives Attending
    • Company/Organization Description
    • Billing Address
    • Looking for Jobs section 

  • Any areas you cannot edit will need to be updated by the School hosting the fair. Please reach out directly to the Career Fair's Point of Contact for further assistance with this. You can locate their contact information by going back to the Career Fair's Details page. 

  • When you are finished with the updates, click Update Registration at the bottom of the page. This will take you back to your Registration Overview page with a confirmation message that says "Your registration has been updated".



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