Multiple Career Centers - Workflow Considerations

Tawnya -

Within a distributed campus model in Handshake, below are the workflows to consider in what is shared across multiple career centers and what is more individualized. For the shared workflows, please keep in mind that saved searches and default searches will be enormously helpful for your team.
Shared Workflows:
  • Employer Approvals/Employers
  • Job Approvals/Jobs
  • Custom Career Interests Question (Contact your UPM for more information. This is not required.)
  • Contacts
  • Students
  • Appointments (can be separated using labels and other requirements)
  • Labels (You will want to have a consistent naming convention for labels across all career centers to reduce confusion.)
  • Notes (If a person has the security role "View Shared Notes", they will be able to see public notes written by staff members across all career centers.)
More Individualized Workflows
  • Appointments (If separating by requirements, each career center can have their own set of appointment types.)
  • Interview Schedule Seasons
  • Interview Schedule Preferences
  • Interview Schedule Timelines
  • Interview Schedule Templates
  • Event Preferences
  • Branding Pages
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