FAQs About Experiences

Hilary Dudek -


I don’t have an internship for credit program, can I still use experiences?

  • Yes, you can still use experiences by adding an experience template that is titled “Not for Credit”. This template should include no approvers.

How do I test submitting an experience?

  • View as a test student and submit a new experience OR report a new experience as a career services staff

Can I enter a job that is not in Handshake?

  • Yes, you can enter a job that is not in Handshake simply by typing it into the Job box.

Why am I not seeing a Supervisor field for students to enter?

  • You will only see the approver fields after you have selected a Template type from the dropdown.

How do I download experience data with approvers included?

  • Check the students that you would like to download experiences approver data from. Click Download CSV with Approvers. 
  • This download will include separate rows if there are multiple approvers attached to an experience. 


Can a student see the status of approvers on an experience?

  • Yes! Students can keep track of where their experience is in the approval process by viewing the status of each approver. 


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