Importer: Identifiable ID

Liz Gehret -

What is an Identifiable ID?

An Identifiable ID is a unique identifier for items created within Handshake. 

When should the Identifiable ID be used?

In the event your team needs to import Attendees, Notes, or Labels to an existing (in Handshake) Event, Career Fair, or Appointment, you'll need the Identifiable ID to link the items appropriately.

Example 1:

    • identifiable_type is Event
    • identifiable_id is 00001


Example 2:

    • identifiable_type is CareerFair
    • identifiable_id is 100


Isn't this the same thing as an import_identifier?

While it's a similar concept, it is not the same thing. The import_identifier is generated manually for an Event, Appointment, or Career Fair that is imported into Handshake. These are items that were not created within Handshake. 




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