Kiosks: Launch a Kiosk for One Session of a Career Fair

Tawnya -

In order to make it easy to track attendance for each session of your career fair we have added kiosks per session. Follow the instructions below to launch a kiosk for a particular session of a career fair. 


  1. Open the career fair 
    1. Make sure this fair has multiple sessions
  2. Click Open Check-In Kiosk from the Actions section on the left side of the screen
  3. De-select Allow All Sessions
  4. Select the session that you would like to open the kiosk for
    1. Note: You can still open the kiosk for all sessions which will ask students to select the session they are there for
  5. Click Launch Kiosk in the bottom right corner of the window


What does the kiosk look like if I launch it for all sessions?

  • Students will be asked to pick the session that they are checking in for, in the example below the career fair had two sessions

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