Check In Kiosk Hardware Recommendations

Tawnya -

This article will explore the options for kiosk and name-tag printing recommendations. Please also explore our Handshake User Community in order to see specific hardware recommendation from 500+ Career Services professionals!

Check In Device/Laptop:

Any laptop that has USB output will work with Handshake; it should not matter what brand or type you use. Many of our schools use iPads, PCs, etc.

Card Reader:

Any USB card reader that has keyboard emulation will work with Handshake. The only required specs are that the device must:
  • Connect via USB
  • Use keyboard emulation
If your kiosk is using an iPad, you will need to also purchase:
  • Lightening to USB adapter
We recommend the MagTek 21073062 Dynamag Magnesafe Triple Track Magnetic Stripe Swipe Reader - only because most of our schools use this reader and have success in setting it up!
Software: There is no software required for the card reader.

Name Tag Printer:

In order to print name-tags, you will need a Dymo Label printer, we suggest either of these options:
  • Dymo 450 OR
  • Dymo 450 Turbo
Explore this link to see those options.
Software: You will need to download the Dymo software when setting up your printer.
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