Definition: Offset Days

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This article will highlight the definition for the term "offset days" used in the approval process for Experiences.
Offset days = The number of days in which the approver will receive the approval email, based on the date that the CS user in charge of managing/monitoring this process has kicked off the approval process by selecting the "Begin Approval Process" on the Approvals tab in the individual Experience.
For example, if you have 3 approvers, you might want to give them each the following offset days: (recommended)
  • Approver 1: 4 days
  • Approver 2: 8 days
  • Approver 3: 12 days
This way, each will have 4 days to approve.
OR you could set it up like this:
  • Approver 1: 8 days
  • Approver 2: 10 days
  • Approver 3: 12 days
This works just as well, but if the first approver doesn't get to the approval within the deadline, it creates a much shorter turnaround the following 2 approvers.
Ultimately, the approval process is on a rolling basis, meaning if the previous approver has to approve before the email will be sent to the next approver, this number can be impacted if the previous approver neglects to approve/decline the experience before their deadline.
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