Troubleshooting: Approvers Missing Experience Evaluation Requests

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This article will walk you through the steps to troubleshoot alternative options for sending Approvers custom Experience evaluation requests.
This is very similar to the process for Students Missing Experience Evaluation Requests
Confirm the emails are not stored in a spam folder:
If an Approver isn't receiving the emails/evaluation requests, we first recommend confirming that the emails have not been filtered through their spam folders.
You can ask:
Have you checked "spam," "promotions," etc. to make sure they the emails weren't filtered out of the general inbox.


Send the evaluation via link:

If these emails are not coming through for some reason, and you need to gather those custom evaluation questions, you are able to send this form out via link. 

1. Navigate to the Edit page in an individual student's experience: ​

2. Set the​ Default Approver/ Evaluation Surveys: (For more information on building custom surveys, see this article) This will auto update the link so that approver won't complete the generic evaluation form, and instead have those custom questions attached:

3. Then​ navigate to the Evaluations page: ​

4. Copy this unique link, and then send to the approver: ​

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