Troubleshooting: "There Were Some Errors During Submission"

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When a student attempts to submit an Experience, but receives an error "There were some errors during submission" it means that there is most likely an issue with configuration in the overall Experience template. As a Career Services staff member, you can follow a few steps to troubleshoot the issue.
Test by requesting the Experience yourself
1. Gather the details from the student (job, employer, response to custom questions, etc)
2. Attempt to request the experience on behalf of the student.
If you also get the error when requesting on behalf of the student, it means there is probably an issue with how the Experience template is configured.
Look for anomalies in the Experience template(s)
Navigate to School Settings > Experience Preferences, and then examine the Experience Template the student (tried) to use to request the experience to identify any configuration issues.
A few questions to consider as you look:
  • Are multiple approvers on the template actually the same person? (or could they end up being the same person?)
  • Did you add any major edits to the attached surveys, such as changing a question type?
  • Does everything look correct on this Template in terms of:
    • approvers
    • offset dates
    • custom surveys


Based on what you find, use the examples below as a guide:

If one contact is added as an approver twice:
There will be an error if your school requires a student to fill information for multiple approvers,  but some of those approvers end up being the same contact.
For example, if  a student is completing this request form, but their Internship Supervisor and their Academic Advisor end up being the same person, the form will error out, and the student won't be able to submit.
Example in the student request form:

In order to submit the form, we recommend adding in a different advisor or Career Services staff member's details in that experience form, and then making a note or comment for reporting purposes.
If there were edits on an attached survey:
In the past, a student could get this error when a question or page was updated on a survey that is attached to an Experience - typically either the survey used for the custom request questions, or the survey used for custom approver questions.
Moving forward, once there is a response on a survey, we have lock the survey to prevent editing, since it can cause serious (and time sensitive) errors on the student side.
However, if you are having an issue that you think is related to the survey, we recommend:
1. Duplicating the survey
2. Attaching the new survey to the experience or experience template
3. Creating the new Experience
Still have questions?
If you still need help in identifying the problem, please contact our support team, and share the following information:
  • The error message (bonus points for a screenshot!)
  • The student's name and email
  • The specific Experience template the student was using
  • The link(s) to the custom request survey or Approver survey (if used)
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