How to Enable Card Swipe Check In for Students

Tawnya -

If you would like students to be able to checkin for events, interviews and career fairs using their student ID cards you can follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the student sync file includes the students card_id field. This will enable card swiping to be connected to each student. 
  2. You will need to acquire a card reader. 
    1. Card reader requirements
      1. Must output plain text to the keyboard
      2. Must contain the number you consider uniquely identifying a student and that number must be on the student's "card_id" field in their student sync
    2. Card reader types
      1. Magnetic stripe reader
      2. BarCode reader
    3. Examples
      1. Magnetic stripe
        1. Wired
      2. Barcode 
        1. Wireless
  3. Once you have purchased a card reader, you can plug it in, open any program that accepts keyboard input (e.g., the Handshake check-in kiosk), and swipe a card. Then, please provide us with the output of the card swipe. Alternatively, you can reach out to your IT folks to ask about what information we will receive from the card swipers.
  4. Along with the input you receive from the card reader, we will need to know which part of the input is actually the card id. For example, a card reader could give us ";X2934010923-AD402020222A," but the card id is only the "293401" portion of the input. It may also be the case that the card reader is only giving us the card id portion, so the sub portion part may not be necessary.
Once you have completed the steps above you can submit the information via this form.  Our Support Team will work with the development team to get this up and running for you.
You can view a sample list of check in kiosk parts in the attachment on this article. This is a summary of what one of our schools purchased, and how they set it up. 


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