Best Practice: Use Labels to Manage Applicants

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Labels are something that can be created and utilized dependent on your recruiting needs. For example, you can label any students that you have already messaged with the label "contacted".  This way, you can easily pull up that list to see these applicants, or you filter the applicants out from your view. 

To do this you can follow these steps: 

  1. While viewing your applicants page, select the candidates you'd like to add your label to. You can do this by checking the box next to each applicants name. 

  2. Next, Click on More in the top hand tool bar, and then click Add Label 

  3. A box will now pop up that asks you to either select a label you have already created, by clicking inside the dropdown menu and selecting an existing label. Or you can click on Create New Label to create a brand new label.  

  4. If creating a new label, you'll simply need to create the label name and then click on Create. Once created, you'll be taken back to the original box, and will want to make sure to add the able from the dropdown menu. Click on Next and then Confirm to confirm the applicants you'd like to add your label to. 

  5. Once your label has been added to these applicants, you can now use the filters found to the left of the page to filter down candidates with your specific label. 

  6. Filtering by Label will pull up any applicants with that label added to them. 

  7. Filtering by Not Label will pull up any applicants that do not have that label attached to them. Students will not see these labels. 

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