Importing FDS Recipient Data

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First Destination Recipient data can be uploaded for historical FDS data that you'd like to import from a previous system, or for students whose FDS recipient data needs to be adjusted/updated.

For all staff members who have the 'Explore Insights' role on their Handshake account, this report can be used to pull the required fields for this file, if you have a list of student emails for your recipients. These students must have existing Handshake accounts in order to be included in this report! Note that you need to be logged in to your Career Services account in Handshake (with the 'Explore Insights' role enabled) in order to view/download this report.

Below are all of the fields that can be included in this job type, along with the required formatting. Note that your formatting needs to match exactly with what is included below! You can reach out to Support if you need assistance with your file formatting, or are having trouble uploading your file.

Field Name Description
user_id The student's Handshake account ID. This is the string of numbers at the end of their account URL. You can use the Insights report linked above to obtain this value for the list of students you'd like to include in your file.
first_destination_survey_id ID number of the survey you will be importing recipients onto (which can be found at the end of the URL of the survey's main page). If you haven't created this survey yet, please follow the instructions outlined here.
internal_status Each recipient's account status. Must be one of the following (case sensitive):



This is an identifier (of your creation) and is unique to each recipient. The import_identifier can be anything, but it must be unique. Examples of recommended identifiers are as follows:





(Similar to what you would do when importing Appointments or Notes)

education_level_name The student's education level. Must be one of the following (case sensitive):
Advanced Certificate
Postdoctoral Studies
Non-Degree Seeking
primary_college_name This is the college that the student belongs to (i.e. the 'Ross School of Business' at the University of Michigan). Only 1 college can be supported in this field.
campus_name This field is only used for schools that have multiple campuses as part of their Handshake setup (i.e. 'Main', 'East'). If you have multiple campuses on your Handshake system, you can use these here.
primary_major_name This is the student's primary major. Only 1 major can be supported in this field. 

Note: The formatting for this major must be capital case, with all caps used only for abbreviated program designations (i.e. BS Physics).
graduation_date  This is the date when a student is expected to graduate. Please note that it has to be included in the format yyyy-mm-dd, unless otherwise specified in the job!

Note: There is now an option on the Importer to use a mm/dd/yyyy format. If you choose this option for formatting, please make sure you check the box next to 'use mm/dd/yyyy format' when loading your file to the Importer. 
major_names This is the name of the major(s) that this student has declared. You can upload more than one major for a student by separating each major with a semicolon (i.e. Biology;Chemistry). 

The formatting for these majors must be capital case, with all caps used only for abbreviated program designations (i.e. BS Physics; BA Art History).
gender   The gender of the student. This is a custom field that can include any text you wish to upload.
ethnicity  The ethnicity of the student. This is a custom field that can include any text you wish to upload. For best reporting results we suggest using one of the US Census designations outlined below:
Native American/Alaskan Native
Black or African American
Asian/Asian American
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
Middle Eastern

You can also download this example CSV file as a reference guide for your FDS recipient data.

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