Importer: Historical Data Uploads

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Below is a list of data that can be downloaded from your previous system and uploaded into Handshake. Each category is hyperlinked to the relevant Help Center article to provide you with additional guidance.

*Please note that the formatting of this data will likely need to be adjusted in order to be successfully uploaded into Handshake.

The following Importer Job types are either required, or highly recommended for your Handshake implementation.

  • Contacts (critical)
    • This may be the most important set of historical data that you upload into Handshake. This is your list of employer contacts who have recruited on your campus (either in person or virtually). 
    • Once uploaded, you will then invite these employers to join your institution on Handshake to continue recruiting. This is the first step you will take in your implementation to launch Handshake to employers.

  • Career Services Staff
    • This is not a required upload, but highly recommended if you have a large list of staff members who should have access to Handshake. This replaces the need to manually create staff accounts one at a time.


The following Importer Job types are optional, and can be used if you would like to report on historical appointments, events, fairs, and student attendance that occurred prior to your implementation with Handshake.



Historical First Destination Survey Data:

Though historical FDS data can be uploaded into your Handshake instance, there are a couple of things to be aware of:

  1. Uploading this historical data is completely optional, and not required for your implementation or general use of the Handshake platform. These uploads have only been utilized for a few select schools, and require very specific formatting for a successful upload.
  2. If you need to upload any FDS-related data (either FDS responses or recipients) please be sure to Contact Support before your upload to ensure that you have all of the appropriate data/formatting.
  3. Please utilize the following Help Center articles to ensure your data is formatted correctly:
    1. Historical First Destination Survey Recipients
    2. Historical First Destination Survey Responses
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