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Handshake Setup

What are the first steps to get your TouchNet account setup in Handshake?

    1. Contact your TouchNet administrator/account manager to start the integration process!
      • You can also reach out to if you don't know who your contact is
    2. TouchNet can provide you with the following information that you will enter in Handshake:
      • uPay URL
      • Site ID

TouchNet Project Plan

  • TouchNet requires each school to sign an addendum
    • Fees vary based on other projects that they have
  • Submit a request to legal team - send out addendum for signature
    • Timeline varies widely school to school
  • TouchNet reaches out to school
    • Contacts for project internally
    • Timeline for project
    • Kick off call is usually 30 mins
  • Kick off call
    • Action items for integration
    • URLs and items we know will apply
    • Upay site ID which Handshake needs for integration
  • School testing
  • Move to production
  • Status calls vary depending on integration


How to set this up in Handshake

    • Touchnet admin should make sure the following IP addresses are whitelisted in Touchnet.
      • Primary IP:
      • Secondary IP:
    • Owner of the school visits the School Settings
      • To find out who the owner of your school is you can contact the Handshake administrator on your campus
    • Click Payment Preferences
    • Click Touchnet 
    • Enter details provided by TouchNet on the tracking guide

  • If you have multiple career centers in Handshake you can add a uPay URL and Site per career center. We will use the default that you set if you do not add them individually.


How to test your TouchNet setup in Handshake

    • Create a career fair or open an existing one
    • Create a registration for your on-campus employment account
    • Select Credit Card as the payment preference
    • Test a payment
    • Verify that the payment status is updated correctly in Handshake

What does this look like for users paying in Handshake?

  1. Visit the event, career fair or interview schedule that you are interested in paying for
  2. Click Pay Now
  3. The user will be redirected to your TouchNet site
  4. Once the user submits the payment they will be redirected back to Handshake where you will see the payment status updated to Paid


  1. Is Handshake a TouchNet Ready partner?
    • Yes! Handshake is a TouchNet Ready partner and we can provide documentation upon request. 
  2. Is the application hosted on your servers or hosted on campus?
    • Primary IP:
    • Secondary IP:
    • The Handshake application is hosted on Amazon cloud servers. 
  3. Does the application pass the: Success/Cancel/Error URLs or do they need to configure this in UPay application on the TouchNet side?
    • Yes, the Handshake application passes these three URLs.
  4. Should the IP addresses listed be whitelisted on our campus server or the TouchNet servers?
    • These should be whitelisted on the TouchNet servers 
  5. Are their additional parameters that are being passed in a payments call?
    1. Yes, we pass the following information to TouchNet when a payment is created. You will want to work with TouchNet to have these exposed in your TouchNet instance:
      • user_name
      • user_id
      • user_institution_id
      • user_institution_name
      • chargeable_id
      • chargeable_type
      • charge_name
      • charging_institution_id
      • charging_institution_name
      • charge_event_name
      • charging_career_center_name
      • charging_career_center_id
  6. What fields are sent to TouchNet from Handshake? 
    • Event ID or Fair ID or Interview Schedule ID
    • Event Name or Fair Name or Interview Name
    • Employer ID (if employer payment) or User ID (if student payment)
    • Employer Name
    • Career Center Name
    • Career Center ID 
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