How to Setup a Stripe Account

Mallory Wheaton -

In order to accept online credit card payments on Handshake, you’ll first need to create a Stripe account. NOTE: ONLY the user who is designated as the school's owner is authorized to set up a Stripe account through Handshake. Each school is able to designate one owner who has slightly different permissions in Handshake than the rest of the Career Services staff, including the ability to manage payment preferences and to review charges posted to the account.

To create the Stripe account:

First, confirm that you are designated as the school’s owner. (If you’re already certain you are the school’s owner, skip down to step #4 below). Also contact your account manager at Handshake and let them know you are ready to create a Stripe account.

1.    From any page in Handshake, click on your name in the top right hand corner. This will make the account options menu appear.  

2.    Select “School Settings” from the account options menu.

3. Scroll down to the “Configurations” section and you will see the space for “Owner”.  Verify that you are the owner listed before you proceed (Again, only the Owner can set up the “Payment Preferences.”) 

4.    Scroll down to the bottom of the School Settings list and click on Payment Preferences. 

5.    That selection will bring you to this screen and you will then select “Connect with Stripe.”



6.    This will bring you to a financial form. Fill out that form, and click "Authorize".You are now registered with Stripe and can use Stripe to process your payments.

NOTE:    You can disable Stripe payments at any time by clicking "Disable Payments" on the "Payments" tab.

For more information about Stripe or to access their support content, please visit or our FAQs attached. 

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