About Survey Completion Labels

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If you would like to assign a label to a student after completing a survey you can follow these steps. 

How to setup survey completion labels

  1. Create a new survey
  2. Select the label you would like to assign to a student when they complete the survey
  3. Completion_Label.png
  4. Once a student completes this survey they will be assigned the label that you selected



  • On campus interview eligible completion labels - assign this label to students after they complete your on campus interview policies 
  • Experience evaluation labels - assign this label to students after they complete their experience evaluations so you can quickly view those students in the manage students section



  • Can I assign a label to an employer user when they complete a survey?
    • No, at this time Handshake only supports assigning survey completion labels to students.
  • Can I use skip logic to assign labels based on responses to the survey?
    • No, the label is only assigned to the student after they complete the survey. If you would only like to assign a label to students who agree with your career center policies then you can add multiple choice questions with with only an agree or yes option for students.
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