How to Create a New First Destination Survey

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The first destination tool in Handshake give you the marketing, collection and reporting tools that you need to tell the success stories of your graduates. Learn how to create a first destination survey below.
  1.  Click First Destination on the left navigation bar
  2. Click New First Destination Survey in the top right corner of the page
  3. Enter in the details for the survey
    • Name: Make sure your first destination has a descriptive name that you can refer back to when analyzing.
    • Submission Cutoff: When you would like to close this survey for submissions.
    • Minimum Graph data points: Students will see data compared to their classmates for their type of work and salary information, this will be the minimum responses necessary for students to see the information.
    • Custom Questions: If you would like to ask additional questions on your first destination survey you can do so in a survey that you can attach here. To learn more about creating a survey [How to create a survey]. You can also create a survey from this page if you have not yet added your additional questions in the surveys section.
  4. Enter your subject of the invitation email and the message you would like to be sent to students
    • Tip: After you save your survey you will be able to send a test email to your email to see exactly what the students will see for the invite email and the reminder email
  5. Enter the information you would like displayed on the student dashboard
  6. To publish the survey select Publish to save a draft click Save Drafting
    • You can come back into the survey to edit these details at any time
  7. Once your survey is created you can add students from the Manage Students page.
    • Click Manage on the left navigation bar.
    • Filter down to the students you are interested in sending this to.
    • Example: Seniors or Graduation Date Range = May 1, 2016 - May 31, 2016
  8. Select Add to First Destination Survey
  9. Select the survey you have added students to from the list of First Destination Surveys
  10. You will see the following message at the top of the screen when the students are added to the survey.
  11. This does not send the survey to the students just adds them to the student tracking section of the First Destination Survey, the next steps will show you how to invite students
  12. Invite students to take the survey
    • Click First Destination Survey
    • Click Student Tracking
    • Review the students who you have selected from the Manage Students page
    • Click Send Invitation / Reminder Emails
  13. Confirm that you would like to send the emails out to these students
  14. Filter the list of students you have selected using the filters at the top of the page
  15. Perform Bulk actions on the list of students       
    • Remove recipients
    • Add Labels
    • Download Student Details
    • Example of Student Details Download

Example invite that is sent to the studentsInvite_Email.png

Example Reminder Email that is sent to students:

Example Dashboard Card on the Student Dashboard:

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