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Campus Profiles

What are Campus Profiles: Students have always been able to make their profiles public to employers, and now they can opt-in separately to make their profiles public to their peers, thus facilitating peer to peer learning.  Only students who opt-in to campus profiles can see the profiles of other students who have also opted-in at their school.

Why are Campus Profiles Important: We want to enable peer to peer learning amongst all students! Students might not know what kind of work experience or projects to include on their profile. They may also be curious about potential paths for a given major. Now they'll be able to learn from other students at their institution instead of struggling to fill it out alone or requiring a career counseling appointment. In turn, you’ll have a great impact on students.


How to Opt-In to Campus Profiles:


 What a blocked profile looks like:

 What a public profile looks like:


Campus Profiles FAQ

Are alumni able to opt into campus profiles? No, this option is not available to alumni at this time. 

Are campus profiles school specific? Yes, students who opt-in to campus profiles will only be able to see other students who have opted-in at their institution.  A student can only see another student's profile if that student has also opted-in. Again, the goal is to enable peer to peer learning while increasing profile completion rate and scaling the impact of Career Services.

How do students opt in to campus profiles? In settings, there is a separate opt-in option to make your profiles public to other students. All students’ profiles are defaulted to private.  

What information can students see on other students’ profiles?  Students can see each others' School Year, Graduation Date, College, Major, Work Experience, Organizations/Extracurriculars, Courses, Projects and Skills.  They cannot see each others' GPA, Work Authorization, Email address, Ethnicity, Gender, Hometown or Documents such as resumes.

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