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Are you interested in changing your email address or a student’s email in Handshake? The change email process does require verification from the user you are updating to maintain email integrity in the Handshake application. 

 Users will have 48 hours to complete the email change once it is initiated. 

To change your own email address as a career services user: 

  1. Open your User Settings or the student’s Account Settings
  2. Click Change Email, in the Account Information tabScreen_Shot_2020-01-09_at_5.03.36_PM.png
  3. This will ask you for the new email address that you would like associated with your account.
  4. Enter it and click Submit Request
  5. This will send two emails, one to your existing email address and one to the new email address.
  6. Existing Email Address:
  7. New Email Address:
  8. If you are comfortable moving forward with changing the email address associated with your account, copy the verification code (in the example above DHMOq_Wg) and click Change Email.
  9. This will bring you back to Handshake and ask that you enter the verification code.
  10. Once you have entered the code click Finish Email Change to complete this process.
  11. Visit your user settings to verify that your email address has been updated!


To change a student’s email address:

    1. Open the student’s Account Settings
    2. Make sure they have been Excluded from Automated Syncs - so their account is not disabled after a sync (if you are using the disabling method of syncing in students).
    3. NOTE: Is the email address you are trying to change already in use by an existing account?
      1. If so, you will see a message that this account is already in use.
      2. As a career services staff member, you can delete an account if it is a duplicate student account. Navigate to the Account section of the student's profile and click Delete.
      3. More information about deleting users.
    4.  If the email address is not in use you can add the desired email address in the student's user settings and click Change Email
    5. The student will receive two emails, one to their existing email address and one to their new email address.
    6. Existing Email:
    7. New Email:
    8. It is now up to the student to verify this email change and determine if they want to update their account. If they choose to do so they can click Change Email and copy the code included in the confirmation.
    9. Once they click Finish Email Change the new email will be associated with their account. They will see a message at the top of the Handshake login screen that says "Email Change complete. 
    10. They can now login with their new email address and password!


NOTE: If a Career Services staff member has started this email change request they will not be notified once the new email address has been confirmed. 




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