Managing Duplicate Student Accounts

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Duplicate Student Accounts

If a student has requested a Handshake account but they already have an existing account you can now delete the duplicate user account and update the email address of the existing account. Steps to fix duplicate student accounts:

  1. Copy the email address on the pending student account
  2. Delete the pending user account
  3. Update the email address on the existing account
  4. The student will then confirm their new email address and set a password


Common Questions

Is there a way to merge duplicate student accounts?

  • At this time, there is not a way for Handshake to merge duplicate student accounts. 

"This email address is already connected to an existing user in Handshake." shows when I try to change the email, but I don't see an account with that email address. What do I do?

  • If this is the case, the other account is not connected to the school. Assuming that the account is not connected to another school, you will be able to add the account by going to the Manage Students tab and inserting the email to "Add existing user by email address..." from there you will be able to manage the duplicate account as outlined above.

Can I delete a student that is pending at my university?

  • Yes, as a career services staff member you can delete a pending student account. If you click the blue link under "Requester Name" on the student account, you will be taken to the student's profile and you should be able to delete the account through Account Settings.

When is the student's email changed?

  • When they confirm the change and enter the code that was sent to their new email address.

Can I update an email address to one that already exists in Handshake?

  • No, if the email already exists in Handshake (even if it is tied to a different user type) you can't use that email address. This is to make sure that students don't accidentally get access to career services or employer accounts with sensitive information.
  • Note: Be careful when testing this change with the student account linked to your career services account. If you change the email address in that test student account you will not be able to change it back to the email associated with your career services account.

Does the student need to login to their old account in order to change their email?

  • Not if a career services staff member changes it, if a Handshake support team member changes a student's email the student will need to login to their old account to complete the change.
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