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The Details section of the School Settings will include all basic information about the school, contact information, and calendar settings.


How to find the page:

  1. Click your name in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  2. Select "School Settings" from the drop down menu                               
  3. Select "Details" from the column of pages that appears on the left of the page 


Items already added to the Details page by Handshake: be sure these items are filled out correctly!

  • Name: Full name of the college / university
  • Institution size: Range of your undergraduate population
  • Institution type: Private, public or government
  • Location: Address for the school
  • Time zone: US Time zone where the school is located
  • Email: Your school's domain, in the format of [schooldomain].edu


Remaining Items to Fill Out:

  • Nickname: Shortened name your school goes by (e.g. University of California Berkeley = Cal, University of Virginia = UVA). 
  • Year Established: The year the school was founded. 
  • Motto: The school's motto. 
  • Website:  Link to your university's home page. This may have already been filled out by Handshake
  • Phone: Phone number to reach the university. Suggested format: 000-000-0000
  • Mission: The school's mission statement, if applicable. This does not necessarily have to be filled out.
  • Description: A short, descriptive paragraph about the school, can include fun facts, statistics about the school, appearance, etc.
  • History: A short, descriptive paragraph about the history of the school
    • Description and History are important fields to fill out to distinguish your school! Student will be proud of the brand you are creating and want to be a part of it, and it will draw the attention of employers when they are looking for schools to hire students from!
  • Logo / branding image: Icon that will appear as the school's main image, click here for information on how to format this!
  • Maximum open appointments: The maximum number of concurrent appointment requests a student may have at once.
  • Appointment Cancellation Timeframe: Specify the period of time in which a student can cancel their appointment prior to the appointment start time.
  • Enforce work study (checkbox): Checking this box means only students marked as work study eligible will be able to see work study jobs.
  • Google Analytics Code: This code will be rendered on every page a student views so you can track their activity on Handshake. This does not necessarily have to be filled out.


Links available for use on this page:

  • Employer Approval Request URL: Employers logging in or creating accounts using the above URL will automatically be approved within Handshake.
  • Calendar Export: Using this link in a new tab will allow you to add your school's events to your own calendar. Keep in mind these will be school wide events, not individual ones! (That calendar export may be found under user settings)



When all appropriate fields have been completed, click "Update School" to save the information on the Details Page.

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