Best Practices: Non-Required Document Review Workflow

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Handshake offers a built-in option that allows Career Services to manage student documents. It ultimately prevents students from submitting a job application until their documents (resume) are reviewed by Career Services staff.

This article explores a few alternative options that your office might want to explore if you want to review students' profiles and documents without requiring Document Review for all students!


Use Labels to Track Document/Profile Review:

Some schools use labels to indicate whether a students profile and documents have been reviewed. Here is an example workflow:

Navigate to the Manage Students tab in the left-hand navigation:


Here you can filter down to a specific group of students - in this example, we filtered by certain majors. Use this option if there is one segment of your student population whose documents you would like to approve:

Note: You can save this filtered down group of students as a saved search so that every time you review resumes, you can go to a 'saved search' of a certain student group. Explore our article on Saved Searches to learn more. 

Once you've filtered your student list as needed, select a particular student from the list to review.


This will bring you to the individual student profile. From here, scroll down the page to the Documents section where you can review, add comments, and manage their documents:

Then on the right side of the student's profile, you can add a label. If this is the first time using this label, you can even create the label on this page:

If you'd like to work from a "queue" from the Manage Student page, you can then add the filter "Not Labels" in order to to exclude any students who have already had their resumes reviewed:



Create an Appointment Type for Document Review

You can combine this workflow with the labels option highlighted above as another alternative to track document review:
Create an appointment type specifically for "Document Review"
  • The appointment medium does not have to be in-person, which enables asynchronous review.
  • This also makes it easy to report on particular appointment types.

Once the appointment is scheduled, navigate to the student's profile (here's where you can consider the Label option outlined above) and navigate to the Documents tab:

On the Documents page, you can review all the docs, add comments, and even upload a new document:

To communicate suggestions to students, you can either add a comment from the Documents tab, or send a message from the overall student profile.


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