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This article provides an overview of the new Document Feedback pilot features. Explore the functionality to share your feedback of the new tool with the Handshake Team.

What is Document Feedback?

Document Feedback is a new feature to enhance the current Document Review functionality. This feature will help Career Services provide feedback to students on their documents so they can put their best foot forward in the application process.

The goal of this feature is to help Career Services efficiently manage pending queues to provide students with relevant feedback, without blocking applications on pending documents.


With this feature you can:

  • Prioritize pending documents with advanced filters
  • Segment students that qualify for feedback with customizable default preferences
  • Indicate preferences that mirror job qualifications
  • Choose to review particular types of documents


How do I turn on Document Feedback?

  1. Navigate to your school settings
  2. Select Document Feedback Preferences from the list on the left
  3. Select Enabled to turn on document feedback for a group of students
  4. Select which documents you want to offer feedback on: Resumes, Cover Letters, Transcripts, or Other Documents
  5. Select which students should receive document feedback
    1. Note: if you leave all options unselected, Document Feedback will be applied to all students
  6. Click Save Settings


How do I provide feedback on these documents?

  1. Navigate to the Manage Students page
  2. There are two options you can select to review student documents
    1. Click the Document Feedback  tab to cycle through all students waiting on Document Feedback (Note: this will not support any filtering that you have set on the Manage Students page)
    2. Click the Review Document With These Filters button to cycle through students waiting on Document Feedback that fit the current filters set on your Manage Students page
  3. Add your suggested changes in the comments box located below the document
  4. Click Suggest Changes
  5. In order for students to receive a notification, you will need to comment on the document with specific feedback


  • What will happen to students with pending documents if we switch to Document Feedback now?
    • Those pending documents will remain in a pending state but moving forward students will be able to apply for jobs with pending documents.
  • What happens to an application that has a pending document at the time the job apply ends? 
    • The application will remain submitted and will not be automatically withdrawn. 
  • What will students see when I update the status of one of their documents?
    • Students notifications for document feedback are driven by the student’s notification preferences. By default, students will receive an in-app notification when the status of one of their documents is updated, and an in-app and email notification when someone comments on one of their documents.
  • How do students submit a resume or cover letter to be reviewed? 
    • When students upload a document it will be in your Document Feedback queue. If you're not seeing the document, double-check that the student meets the preferences that you set for Document Feedback. 
  • How can we have students submit for a single resume or cover letter critique?
    • With Document Feedback, it will add all new documents to the Document Feedback queue. If you choose not to use Document Feedback, students can always comment on a document asking for feedback, or you can provide an Appointment Type for Document Feedback that students can request. More information here.
  • What are the student statuses for document review?
    • Pending (no language change)
    • Changes Required (replaces the word declined/suggests a call to action)
    • Reviewed (replaces the word approved)
  • What are the possible Career Center statuses? 
    • Pending (no language change/suggests a call to action)
    • Suggest Change (replaces the word declined/ changes required from student, career center reviewed)
    • Complete Review (replaces the word approved/means resume reviewed and approved by career center)
    • Complete Review and all Future (replaces the words, approve all and future)
  • How do I report on documents that are reviewed, pending, etc.?
    • You can use this link as a starting point! This will show you a count of documents per document status. 
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