Third-Party Recruiters in Handshake

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We strongly believe in providing the greatest number of opportunities to students and welcome job postings offered by recruiters hiring for more than one company. We are equally committed to protecting the integrity of our service and require third-party recruiters to agree to additional terms when creating a Handshake account. 

Here are the terms of service for third-party recruiters: 

Third Party Recruiter Guidelines

Handshake is excited to offer as many career opportunities to students as possible, including those offered by third party recruiters. However, we do not permit outside services from bulk collecting student data, employer data, job descriptions, or other marketplace information through the use of automated scripts (“scraping”) or similar technologies or methodologies. Third party recruiters are also prohibited from requiring students to create an account on a third-party platform unaffiliated with the company or brand providing the employment role. Any violation of these, or any other Terms, at our discretion, may result in suspension or termination of the account(s) associated with you or your recruitment service.

Job postings created by third parties must be for a single company. The description of the job posting must clearly state both the company name as well as the fact that you represent a third party firm recruiting on behalf of the company. You may not disclose any student information to another party without the written consent of the student.

When you create a Handshake Employer Account, we request contact information, including email address and telephone number, to provide a point of contact for Universities and administrative staff and which will be made available on your public profile. We will not use your phone number to send any commercial or marketing messages to you from third parties. You agree to provide accurate and current information and to correct any misrepresentations immediately upon discovery.

By creating an account on Handshake, all universities will have access to information used to create the account. Students will only have access to that information if you make your profile public. Once your account has been approved by participating Universities, you will receive student data through our Service. You are prohibited from disclosing or sharing this information with other parties, and agree to keep student data confidential. You agree to handle and maintain collected student data with equivalent or superior standards as those described in our Privacy Policy, not use the service to send spam or other unauthorized communications, and you agree not to use any collected student data for purposes not authorized by Handshake.

Through the use of the Service, you will be able to search and filter student results based on a wide range of criteria. You agree to maintain a fair and equitable recruitment process when selecting student candidates. You also agree not to discriminate based on ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status as prohibited by law. You have the ability to contact students directly through the Service. By using this Service, you agree not to stalk, defame, bully, harass, abuse, threaten, intimidate, or impersonate any people or entities.


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