School Settings: Bulk Invites

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The Bulk Invites in the school settings are a way for you to review the invitations you send to contacts to start using Handshake.

Once you are in the school settings:

  1. Click Bulk Invites
  2. This is a list of all the invitations you have sent to your Contacts in Handshake. View How do I invite my contacts to become users to learn more about that process.
  3. Click on an individual bulk invite to view the details
  4. Invitation Demographics
    • This section will show how many contacts were invited and their status at the time of the invitation.
  5. Employer Actions Taken
    • Some contacts may already have Handshake accounts when you invite them to join the system. This section will show you how many employers were automatically approved because the contact was already active and it will show how many were already approved at your institution.
  6. Results
    • This section will show how many employers registered as a result of this bulk invitation

This is a great way to analyze your contacts actions after you send a bulk invitation.

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