School Settings: Appointment Preferences and Mediums

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Appointment Preferences 
Appointment Mediums 

If you're interested in updating your existing appointment mediums/blocks to accommodate remote or virtual appointments, please check out our tips in Maximizing Digital Engagement via Handshake!


Appointment Preferences

When you are setting up appointments on campus, you will want to visit the Appointment Preferences tab in the school settings.

  1. Click Appointment Preferences
  2. Appointments Enabled: Check this if you would like to enable appointments on campus. This will add the Appointments option to the students page.
    • Example:
    • Auto Approve: Appointments requested will be automatically approved. If you are confident that your appointment blocks are setup to only show times you are available then you may want to choose this option.
    • Walk in appointment medium: The appointment medium that should be assigned to walk in appointments. Usually this is Face to Face but it could also be a different medium like Video Call depending on how Walk In appointments are handled on your campus.
    • Appointment Request Timeframe: The amount of time before the appointment that it must be requested. If you are approving appointments you will want to give yourself enough time to approve them.
    • Permission Labels: Permissions in the school settings 

Appointment Mediums

Appointment mediums are also specific to your university. You can list the types of appointments mediums that your institution accepts in the Appointment Mediums section of the school settings.

**Best Practice: Use the Appointment Medium as your office location! Ex. "In Person at Building A Room 123"

  1. Click Appointment Mediums
  2. Type in the appointment medium you wish to add to your universities
  3. Click Add Appointment Medium

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