How to Send Invoices and Record Charges for an Event

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Review: How to Charge for an Individual Event to learn about the setup process for Event Payments. If you are ready to send an invoice to an employer or manually record a charge you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the event you are interested in managing payments for
  2. Click Manage Employer Payments on the overview page
  3. Add an employer to the event by clicking Add Employer (You can then invoice this employer)
  4. Click View/Create Invoices
  5. Click Create New Invoice or download / resend an existing invoice
  6. Choose which contacts from the employer should receive invoices and review the amount due
  7. Edit the invoice message and click Finish and Send to send out the invoice to contacts at the employer that is attending the event
  8. Note: Employers can pay for the event before they are invoiced - so after the event is approved and there is a payment in the Employer Cost the employer will be able to pay for the registration. You do not need to generate an invoice first. 
  9. Learn more about how an employer can pay for an event here.
  10. The contacts that you select on the Manage Invoice page will get an email with the invoice information that will link them directly to the event where they can make a payment
    1. If they would like to pay manually they can follow the instructions that you provided in the custom invoice message

Manually Record a Charge

  1. Open the Manage Employer Payments section of the event
  2. Click Manually Record Charge
  3. Enter the details of the manual payment and send a receipt to yourself
  4. You can always resend receipts by clicking the arrow on the right side of the employer details
    1. You will also see the payment status located on the employer details and the status will change to paid, if an employer makes a partial payment their payment will remain Unpaid with the remaining balance

Resend Invoice

  1. Open the Manage Employer Payments section of the event
  2. Click View/Create Invoices
  3. Click Download or Resend... to resend the the invoice


Remove an Employer from an Event

  1. Click Management Employer Payments or click Edit (located in the tabs at the top of the screen)
  2. Click Invited Employers
  3. Click the arrow located on the far right of the employer section
  4. Click Remove Employer
    1. Keep in mind that this will remove the employer and all charges from your event

Review Charges

If you are interested in reviewing charges for an event you can click Employer Payment History on the event overview page. This will list all of the employer charges and you can download them in a CSV to review in excel. 



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