School Settings: Event Preferences

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You can use Event Preferences to configure default settings for approval instructions, invoicing, and request surveys in order to streamline your processes for Event management in Handshake.


How do I configure Event Preferences?

Navigate to your School Settings:




Select Event Preferences from the left-hand menu:



Here, you'll be able to edit the following information:


  • Event Approved Instructions: These are the instructions shown to the employer in the notification that the event is approved.
  • Event Invoice Message: This message will be included in the invoice that you send to employers. We recommend including payment instructions and your refund policy in this field.
  • Event Request Survey: Survey for employers to fill out when requesting an event. If you have questions about creating a survey, please review this article: How to Create a Survey.


Here is an example of the Event Preferences:



How do I configure Event Preferences for a particular Career Center?

  • If you have Career Centers set up in Handshake, you can also configure Event Preferences for each Career Center!
  • Make sure you have Events enabled on your Career Center and follow the outline above for each Career Center.
  • If you have questions about Career Centers in Handshake, please review this article: About Distributed Campuses or Multiple Career Offices in Handshake.
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