Implementation Team Structure

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As you get started in Handshake, one of the first objectives is to assemble an implementation team. This article outlines the recommended structure.

If you're working with several stakeholders across a distributed campus, explore this article to learn implementation best practices for distributed campuses.

We strongly recommend the following steps in order to ensure visibility and clear ownership of tasks as your institution works to implement Handshake:


  1. Identify Career Services POC Identify your school's go-to contact(s) in Career Services for all things Handshake. This POC will lead the implementation project, understand and prioritize key workflows, and become an expert in the product.This is a critical step in your implementation and future success on Handshake! 
  2. Identify IT POC: This person will serve as the point-person for the IT required to set up Handshake and will set up tasks that are linked in Phase 0 of this guide. Depending on your IT structure, this could be one to three people. We recommend that you keep your implementation team small to allow for streamlined decision making and more efficient knowledge sharing.
  3. Add IT POC to Handshake: Invite a Staff Member to Manage SSO
  4. Build a Project Plan Task List: Find a comprehensive project task list here. Please save a copy of this and edit it to distribute to the POCs and key stakeholders on your implementation team.


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