Setting up Custom Terms of Service for Students or Employers

Tawnya -

If you need to have students or employers agree to a unique terms of service for using Handshake at your school, here are examples of what schools currently do:
For Students:
1. Build a custom survey with the Terms of Service (TOS) that students need to acknowledge. 
  • Marking the survey as "required" for all students, which will prompt the student to complete once they've completed the onboarding process.
  • Ensure that the survey has  a completion label - so any student that takes this survey will have a specific label added to their profile. This way you can see who has acknowledged.

2. If you need to restrict student access to feature on Handshake based on the TOS acknowledgement, you can then use this completion label to restrict certain features like appointments and interview schedules. 

For Employers:
Typically schools will post any Employer Community Guidelines on their website. Then, once you've vetted and approved an employer, you can comment on the employer approval with a link to those terms or employer guidelines. Additionally, we recommend exploring our Handshake Community for advice and best practices from our other partner schools.
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