Reset Password for an Employer Account

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To reset your password on Handshake, kindly follow these steps: 

  1. Go to to login
  2. Enter the email address you used to create your Handshake account under the Employers & Career Centers section 
  3. Click Next 

  4. On the next page, click Forgot your password?

  5. Important Step! Once again, enter the email address you used to create your Handshake account 
  6. Click Reset Password 

  7. An email will be sent to your email address. Check your email though your email client

  8. From the email, click on Reset My Password 

  9. Create a new password - the new password needs to be at least eight characters long, with a mix of at least two each of letters, numbers, and special characters.
  10. Enter it once more on the second line to verify 
  11. Click Reset
  12. Click on Sign In to sign back into your Handshake account with your newly created password 

  13. You will be taken back to the log in screen. Enter your new password and click Sign In to access your account! This will be your new Handshake password for your account moving forward. 


Troubleshooting Tip: 

  • If your new password doesn't seem to be working, this issue typically happens when a web browser has stored your previous password. In this case, we recommend attempting to log in via a new web browser, incognito browser, or clearing your current web browser's cache. Once you have done that, the new password you created should work. 

Things to do while waiting for a password reset email: 

  • Check your spam and junk mail. If you're using a common mail client you can find instructions below.
  • Contact your IT department and ask them if they know of any reasons emails from Handshake would be denied
  • Add Handshake to your address book as the following contact:
    • This will help ensure delivery of future emails
If you still aren't getting the password reset emails, please reach out to Handshake support and let us know. We'll work with you to get the email delivered. 
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