School Settings: Create a Term

Tawnya -

Terms should be used to organize the academic calendar on campus. At least one active term is required to use Experiences since Evaluation dates depend on Term dates. 

To create a new term

  1. Navigate to the School Settings
  2. Select Terms
  3. Click Create Term
  4. Click Save as Active


To edit a term

  1. Click the Pencil Icon
  2. Edit any relevant dates
  3. Save as Active or Save as Inactive



To delete a Term

  1. Click the Pencil Icon
  2. Click Delete




  • What happens if I change a term date that is connected to Experiences that were already requested?
    • For Experiences created before the change and Experiences created after the change - the dates for evaluation kick off emails will be updated
    • If Experience Evaluation requests have already been requested we will not send an additional request 
  • What happens if I delete a term that is connected to Experiences?
    • You cannot delete a Term that is connected to existing Experiences, if you try to delete a Term in this state you will see a message that you “Cannot delete record because dependent experiences exist”


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