Deactivating Career Services Staff Accounts

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If a Career Services staff member is no longer active at your institution, or no longer requires Handshake access, you may choose to deactivate the user account. There are two ways to effectively deactivate access: archiving an account or deleting an account. 


Should I choose to archive or delete? 

When making this choice, it may be helpful to consider which workflows are impacted by this user losing access to Handshake. 

  • What did this user have access to or manage?
    • In the event that privacy or security is an issue in preventing access, archiving the account provides immediate loss of access to Handshake, which helps in sensitive or urgent situations. You can always followup with our Support Team afterward to request account deletion afterward as well.  
  • Will I need to report on any appointments they conducted, account for employer, job, or on-campus interviews approvals, experiences managed, or events/fairs, etc.? 
    • Archiving an account means all data and activity linked to the account is retained in Handshake, ensuring utmost accuracy in relevant reporting. 
    • Deleting the account means all the user's activity and data is removed from Handshake permanently and subsequent reporting. 
  • Did the impacted user also have an On-Campus Employer account? If so, will that access need to change as well? 
    • If the user is an Owner of the On-Campus Employer account and they do not need access, that role will need to be passed off to another staff member in order to manage the company profile and other staff members. 
    • If they are a Recruiter, you can use this article to learn how to deactivate this account: Deactivating Recruiter Accounts


Additional considerations

Regardless of which deactivation method you choose, there are some additional considerations to be made. 

  • If the user had access to Importer, we recommend reaching out to our Support Team to have the Importer account removed. 
  • It's also a good idea to followup with your Handshake Relationship Manager to update our contact lists to remove the user as necessary and add an updated contact in their place (for example if they were a point of contact for your school or received fraud notifications). 
  • Did the user have any other special roles, such as Manage Feature Preferences? If so, you'll want to make sure someone else has that role enabled moving forward.  
  • Any actions taken to the Career Services user account will not impact other existing account types (Student or Employer) that this person may have in Handshake. 


Archiving an account 

Any Career Services staff member that has the role Manage Staff is able to archive another Career Services user. To complete this process, take the following steps: 

1. Navigate to the Staff Management page within School Settings.

You can access this page by either clicking on your name in the top right, selecting School Settings, then Staff Management, OR by clicking the name of your school in the top left, then selecting Edit on the top right of your school page, then Staff Management. 

2. Locate the staff member you wish to archive, and click on Manage to the far right of their name, then select Edit User from the list. 



3. Locate Archive on the resulting page, toward the bottom, and check the box next to Archive this profile. Make sure to save your changes at the bottom of the page, and the update will take effect immediately.

The NOTICE section is intended for student users. Career Services staff will not need to be "Excluded from Automatic Sync" in order to process this change. 



If you'd like to view archived staff members at any point, you may locate their profiles via the Staff Management page in School Settings. Just put a check next to the Other filter Include Archived Staff, then search by name or browse the list of staff. 



Deleting an account 

If you would prefer to have the staff member's account deleted permanently, please contact our Support Team for assistance. 

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