Editing a Career Center Branding Page

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If you have a distributed campus and use the Career Center feature in Handshake, you can enable a branding page for each. If this is turned on, each office is able to add their own logo and branding page.


Check that you have a Branding Page enabled for your Career Center: 

Look for the Branding page enabled: option under your Career Center. If this is not set to "yes" and needs to be - contact Handshake Support to request that update


Once your Career Center has the Branding page enabled: option set to yes, navigate to your individual User Settings to make sure that you are connected to the Career Center you plan to edit:Career_center_user_settings.png


Change the Branding Page:

Navigate to the main university branding page by clicking your university name in the left-hand navigation:



Locate the Career Centers section and select the relevant Career Center you intend to edit:Click_the_career_center.png


This will load the individual Career Center page.

For assistance with image sizes, please refer to our Image Size Guide

  • Click the Edit (pencil) icon in the corner of the image icon to edit the branding imagesEdit_logo.png


  • Click Edit in the top right corner of the branding page to edit the description of the Career Center



Enter the description of your career center and select the green Update Career Center buttonEdit_Branding_Page.png


The edits that you make to the branding page will be visible to career services staff, employers, and students. This page will also show upcoming career fairs, events and interview schedules that are connected to your Career Center. 



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