Importer Errors: File Failure on Upload

Tawnya -

A system error occurred while running this static analysis.



What's going on?

This could be due to:

  • Additional columns/commas in the file that have no entries
    • The easiest way to check this is by right-clicking the file and opening it in a text editor
      • An example of what you may see:
      • Note that if there are trailing commas [creating additional columns] this is generally affected throughout the file and must be corrected
        • If it's occurring for your automated sync, you may have to contact your IT department to have it corrected
        • If it's occurring in a one-off file (that is not sent through S3), an easy and quick way to resolve this is by going into excel and highlighting the "empty columns" to the right - remove them by right-clicking and delete
  • The file is not a true .CSV 
    • See: CSV Rules and Requirements
    • You can check this by typing in your command line prompt:
      • $file filenamehere.csv
      • use a file viewer
  • File contains line breaks or new lines that are causing an issue (CRLF terminators)
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